Time & Place is an indie bottler on a journey to find the world’s best spirits. Unrestricted by geographical location or spirit category, we are led only by our nose and a sense of curiosity and adventure.

We are on a quest to find the finest examples of whisk(e)y, rum, bourbon, cognac, armagnac, tequila, mezcal, pisco and everything else the world has to offer.

While we respect the work of every craftsman involved in the distilling process, we also believe that the world’s best spirits are not just made in distilleries.

They are made in the fields and streams that the raw materials are sourced from; the forests the wood from the cask is taken from; and within the walls of the cask itself over long periods of time.

It’s our belief that the amazing spirits we discover are there to be enjoyed, not left unopened on a shelf or stored and traded for profit. (Poured, not pored over.)

We like to think of them as liquid postcards, gathered from different regions across the globe; providing a taste of the Time & Place that they were created.